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About Us

Superior Performance

The Dolphin manufactured centrifugal pump is the highest quality, longest lasting, and most energy efficient external water return pump serving a wide variety of water transfer and re-circulation applications to various industries. Designed with superior high-quality materials for dependable performance and a lasting product, since 1978. 

Efficiency & Power

Systems and industries that rely on Dolphin Pumps products include:  freshwater aquarium and pond systems, saltwater and reef aquariums, commercial aquatic display systems, aquatic design and development, aquatic life support, wholesale fish distributors, university research programs, aquaculture, aquaponic, and hydroponic commercial farming systems. 

Reliability & Longevity

Dolphin Pumps are considered the most reliable and longest lasting external centrifugal pump (water re-circulation/return pump) utilized in efficient system design and operations. The Dolphin Diamond Amp Master pump models are designed to easily outperform any other external water pump in its class.  Dolphin Pumps offer the highest level of efficiency and durability.